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20 Years Later

I walked in the office this morning reflecting on the past 20 years. The reason for that reflection is that 20 years ago today, I walked into Kenner Chiropractic Clinic as an employee, instead of a patient. Kenner Chiropractic Clinic has been a part of my life since I was a young child. I came to Kenner Chiropractic Clinic as a patient of Dr.’s France, Nunier and Hardy before being hired by Dr. Hardy in 1994. I had worked for Dr. Hardy for almost a year when I found out that she was selling her practice…now what?

Now What? 

What was I going to do? Who was going to buy it? Was I still going to have a job? Of course all of those questions started whirling around in my head. Then nightmares of who was going to buy it. I envisioned a grumpy old man taking over the clinic and me hating my job so much that I was going to have to find a new one (I really did dream these things)…that was 19 years ago.


What actually happened? Dr. Burns bought the practice and had Dr. Tassin take over as the Doc. At the time, Dr. Tassin was in his 20’s, so he was far from old…the grumpy part is debatable though :). Although Dr. Burns decided that having multiple clinics was not for him, Dr. Tassin decided to stay, so in January of 1996 he bought him out.

Starting out, it was just Doc and me. We did everything for the clinic. I remember going to a business card exchange and introducing myself, after he had already introduced himself, and saying I’m Michelle Courville with Kenner Chiropractic Clinic. Basically he’s the doctor (pointing to Doc) and I’m the office. That got a good laugh, but in reality that’s how we worked. Over the years we have joked that he bought me with the clinic. He has even had patients tell him that he better treat me right because he could be replaced…it’s been done before.

Through the Years

For almost 10 years it was just Doc and me. You get to know someone pretty well when you spend all day, every day with them. I’ve watched his children grow from babies to now entering adulthood. He has endured my pregnancies, maternity leave and mommy duties. I joke that my girls knew his voice when they were born because he would talk to my belly when he adjusted me (maybe that’s why they think he’s nuts).

Aside from the joys of growing families, we also had business to attend to. In 2003 we decided it was time to build our own building and move our office. Then we had our new building destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. During the uncertain times following that devastating event in our lives, our families spent lots of time together (literally together, in one house). Being able to have that kind of relationship with someone you work with is rare… Together, we rebuilt the office that you see today, and we are excited to have a growing business.


As our business has grown and paperwork requirements have gotten more time consuming, we have added others to our Kenner Chiropractic family. Although I am grateful for the much needed help, it is bitter sweet because I spend very little time with the patients now. Over the years, our patients truly have become a part of our lives. I have laughed with many, cried with some, hugged and comforted others, shared life’s triumphs and trials, celebrated births and achievements, and mourned losses of those we love. I would not trade any of those moments for anything…

20 years has gone by so fast…

To all of those who have been a part of that journey…Thank You! It would not have been the same without you!


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  1. Mary Rodriguez says
    Aug 09, 2014 at 5:34 AM

    Great Job, Keep it up .

    • says
      Aug 11, 2014 at 9:28 AM

      Thank you!

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