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Pediatric Chiropractic at Kenner Chiropractic

Many common childhood ailments that people may think of as “normal” result from misalignments in the spine. Studies show that 90% of infants have neck misalignments caused by the birth process.

Removing these alignments and restoring optimal biomechanics allows your child’s body to function at a higher level, alleviating or preventing many pediatric health issues.

At Kenner Chiropractic, Dr. Paul Tassin has 30 years’ experience helping kids feel and function their best—and we want to help your kids, too!

Benefits of Care

Anyone who has been up all night with a crying baby knows that when kiddos feel better, the whole family feels better. Some of the common issues we help little ones with include:

  • Colic
  • Constipation
  • Digestive issues
  • Ear infections
  • Torticollis
Kids respond very quickly to care, and we don’t have to adjust them as frequently as adults to achieve the same optimal results.
Adjusting child

Putting Kids (and Parents!) at Ease

Dr. Tassin has his own grandkids and loves being a joker and making them laugh. When little ones are nervous about their first adjustment, he takes his time to build rapport and let the child feel comfortable with him before proceeding. Most kids realize right away that our office is not a typical scary doctor’s office, and they look forward to coming in to get their adjustments.

Some parents are nervous about chiropractic care for their kids, but our approach is nothing to worry about! Dr. Tassin uses very gentle techniques that aren’t like the methods used for adults. He’ll answer all of your questions and let you know what he finds in his exam and how our approach may be able to help.

Schedule Today

When you’ve booked an appointment for your child, you can complete their new patient paperwork before the visit. This minimizes the time in our office, which gives little ones less time to get cranky or nervous.

Contact us today to schedule your child’s appointment.

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