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Ionic Cleanse Detoxifying Foot Bath at Kenner Chiropractic

Stressed? Tired? Sick? Always in Pain?

Foot bath machineDetox your body with the Ionic Cleanse Detoxifying Foot Bath! Our bodies are constantly bombarded with “gunk,” pollutants and heavy metal toxins are everywhere. They are in the air we breathe, water we drink, and food we eat, not to mention in our clothing and the places we live, work, play and sleep.

Believe it or not, some of the medicines we take to relieve symptoms can have a toxic effect on our bodies causing other symptoms. As a result, our bodies are constantly trying to get the “gunk” out of our system. This can leave us feeling drained. It can also slow the healing process, and assault the immune system making it harder to stay healthy. The Ionic Cleanse Detoxifying Foot Bath, ionizes water to draw out the toxins or “gunk” that are attacking our bodies every day. By eliminating the toxins, our immune system gets a boost and is better able to combat allergies, colds and the flu and our body is better able to heal itself.

Reported effects include improved circulation, increased relaxation and, as a result, relief from symptomatic or chronic pain.

Detox Sessions

During a detoxifying session, your feet are placed in a pan of salted water with the “array” of the detoxifying unit. As the toxins or “gunk” are removed from your body, the water changes colors and particles appear in the water. The changes in the water and the particles that appear are the toxins that have just been removed from your body. Each color has significance, as it tells what your body is riding itself of.

Detoxifying sessions last approximately 20 minutes. During the session it is asked that you refrain from use of your cell phone and remove all jewelry. There are a few different contraindications to using the foot bath, so consult with your doctor before your first use and if you notice any changes during the course of treatment.

For best results, the recommended treatment plan is 10 to 12 detoxifying session. Single sessions can be purchased for $35 each or a block of 12 sessions for $350. Website Special – $250.00 for packages purchased mentioning website.

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