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Therapies at Kenner Chiropractic

Laser therapy on kneeThis page is designed to give you a look at the laser and other therapies that we offer our patients throughout their course of treatment. Instead of giving you a medical “mumbo jumbo” look at the therapies, we have attempted to explain them in laymen’s terms. Of course if you would like the “mumbo jumbo” explanation, you can always ask for it and Dr. Tassin will be happy to explain.


We may be dating ourselves, but when we hear or say the word laser we think of the Austin Powers movie where Dr. Evil is scheming with his “laser”. That always makes us laugh. Although this laser is not a destructive laser like the one that Dr. Evil had, the “good” doctor Tassin’s laser has been very effective in “destroying” pain. A laser is basically a beam of light that emits energy. In today’s society lasers are everywhere. We use lasers to listen to CD’s, to measure distances, temperature, and speed. Medical procedures also utilize heat laser for things like cutting and cauterizing tissue. Low level lasers don’t have the thermal or “heat” effect. They are used to stimulate or excite the tissue causing change. For over 25 years low level lasers have been in use and have had no recorded side effects. Studies have proven low level lasers to be effective in many cases. We were first intrigued by the use of the Erchonia Laser for the Tour De France athletes. The laser was used to treat fractured clavicles, injured ligaments and tendons and muscle strains. Besides the professional cycling teams, many other professional sport teams utilize the laser for their injured players too. Although our patients are not all professional athletes, we have seen some pretty dramatic results using the Erchonia Laser in our office. Results range from an increase in range of motion to a decrease in severity of pain. Although not all patients respond the same, we have been pleasantly surprised with the immediate results that some of our patients have experienced.


When most people think of ultrasound, they think of being able to see a baby in a mother’s womb. Others may think of ultrasound as a test that looks at the internal organs. These types of ultrasound are diagnostic ultrasounds. The ultrasound that we use in our office is a therapeutic ultrasound. It uses sound waves to create a deep penetrating heat. The most common type of ultrasound that we use in our office is a pulsed ultrasound. The sound waves are sent out in pulses that sort of “pump out” inflammation in the tissue. We like to refer to the ultrasound as an “electronic anti-inflammatory”.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical muscle stimulation uses an electrical current to stimulate the tissue and create a change. The most common form of muscle stim that we use in our office is VMS. VMS uses the electrical current to contract the muscles at a fast pace until they tire out and relax. The VMS is very effective in calming down muscle spasm, so we like to refer to it as an “electronic muscle relaxer”.

Sine-Sound/Combo Therapy

Sine sound is the combination of muscle stim and ultrasound. The ultrasound head is used to administer the treatment to the affected area. This combination of therapies is very effective at relieving pain because you get an “anti-inflammatory” and “muscle relaxer” in one. Since the therapy is administered through the ultrasound head, we are able to be very specific. Many times we have found tender spots in the tissue, that when addressed, cause a dramatic decrease in pain and symptoms.

Intersegmental/Mechanical Traction

Intersegmental traction is a roller table that you lay on. The rollers glide up and down the spine slowly causing the joints to traction or “spread apart” slightly. Many times we use the table with moist heat or an ice pack for further therapeutic benefit (It feels really good too!). Mechanical traction can be used specifically on the neck or back. It is a device that allows the doctor to traction or “spread” the joints with a controlled amount of pressure, to relieve “pinched” nerves.

Get Started Today

All of these therapies have had huge success with our patients. Used alone or in combination with each other, we are able to create effective treatment plans tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are experiencing headaches, neck, back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, ankle, knee or hip pain (I hope we covered them all) or if you’re just plain stressed out, call our office at Kenner Chiropractic today!

After all, what have you got to lose but the pain?

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